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Albemarle County Fair

Every year CVBA hosts an educational booth at the Albemarle County Fair. Come see our observation hive with live bees!

Map of CVBA Beekeepers and their Bees

See where your friendly local pollinators are. The honey bee is essential for production of over 90 food crops in the United States (1). They will travel up to 4 miles from the hive to find food (2). This map shows local hives and beekeepers in CVBA.

If you haven't already, add your hives to the map! (click "edit") (3)

View Central Virginia Beekeepers and Bees in a larger map

Yellow Bee: 1-5 hives
Green Bee: 5-10 hives
Orange Bee: > 10 hives

(3) to edit the map you will need a gmail account. If you do not want to setup an account, email the web administrator with the address and number of hives.

Educational Resources

Virginia Plant Lists for the Honey Bee

Honey Bee Forage in Central VA

List of VA Plants (Pollen vs. Nectar Sources)

(Above: Swiss bees)

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Further Reading

EAS Master Beekeepers Certification Program Reading List

Equipment & Supplies

VA Beekeeping Equipment & Supplies


Bee Informed Partnership - winter losses & hive management surveys

SC Master's of Beekeeping National Honey Bee Day
National Pollinator Week
Making Honey From Flowers: A Guide to Bees

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